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Closet Clean Out & Fall Wardrobe Edit Step 2: Clear Out | alexandra louise style

Hello again folks and welcome back to the second installment of my wardrobe redo!

This part, I knew would be my favorite.

I LOVE cleaning out my closet. I love cleaning other people's closets. If there was a a job where I could just come around a reorganize your life, I would be happier than ever.

And, having this wardrobe edit on the brain, I was waiting for a perfect night I could come home and take everything out for evaluation.

So, below is my criteria on how I decided what to keep and what went in the 'see ya never' pile:

Quality: Is it getting old looking? I love black t-shirts but some just don't survive. Giving up basics you can replace to keep you looking fresh is important to not hating your new look. Frequency: How many times do I really wear it or reach for it? Did I wear it in the season it was intended for? Or at all? I loved a floral skirt perfect for summer, but I didn't even try it once this summer so it was a goner. Not being afraid to let go is KE…

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